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With coaching from Barrel + Peak Coaching, you will become a new business owner in 12 weeks of working together.

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Authentic Testimonials

Rowan M

Honestly, I don't even know where to start with how fantastic Ashleigh and her coaching is. After several years of being in business I knew something needed to change. I was still barely breaking even, and I was feeling burnt out. I had heard so much about finding your ideal client but I had no idea what that looked like for me. I also had no real base plan for marketing my business either. I did 12 weeks of coaching with Ashleigh and it seriously changed my life, my business and my outlook on the future of my business. I now have a solid knowledge of who my ideal client is. I developed a plan with her on how to attack marketing my business. I went from barely booking to being booked solid for two months. I was so inspired I rebranded and started focusing on what really matter to me and my clients. Ashleigh also helped me elevate my client experience from run of the mill to an experience my clients love and brag about. I go back to her coaching materials and my notes from our sessions even now months later. Coaching often seems impersonal and expensive and those fears had kept me from investing in coaching till I connected with Ashleigh. Her coaching is one on one and her pricing is absolutely worth the knowledge and experience. The investment was absolutely worth it, and I will be using Ashleigh again. I only wish I had found her sooner!

Jenae H

I had the privilege of having Ashleigh coach, and mentor me! I learned so much I don’t even know where to begin. She always listened to the things I struggled with and helped me solve my problems. She was great at giving advice, and also sent me links, and other information to help me along the way. She was professional but has become a great friend to me as well! Her knowledge is infinite when it comes to photography and she will help you make the steps you need to help make you successful. I highly recommend working with Ashleigh! She is so great to learn from, and you will not regret it.

Callie T

I just got off a mentor call with Ashleigh and don't even know where to begin. She was so incredibly helpful and genuine.I had a lot of behind the scenes business questions, and she was able to answer ALL of them. She was so great at explaining them to me. She walked me through the steps and even showed some of her own examples. She was completely transparent and is the true definition of "Community over competition". If you are considering, using her as a mentor. Do it right now. You will not regret working with this genuine soul.

Dominique S

I am just learning about photography and Ashleigh has been such GREAT help with all the millions of questions I have with posing, editing, lighting, location, branding, etc.! We chatted for an hour and she was so helpful with all the questions I had. You can tell she loves helping others and has a passion for what she does. She was so nice and personable and it makes me happy knowing that I have someone I can reach out to now to share what I'm learning and the pictures I take along the way! Thank you Ashleigh!

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